Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gym Membership

Yes, my first thought was "do I really want to do this" and "Do I have time"? Well I did it along with a great friend and I actually do have the time. At least I'll have a little more when school starts.

This wasn't a decision based on the "need" to loose weight. I didn't have a new years resolution to drop the last 10 pounds...not that it couldnt help. I did it simply cause despite what people think about having 4 kids, its not really a workout having them....well having them yes, but "keeping up" with them no. I needed an hour a day for a couple of days a week to have "me" time and in the meantime getting a little workout and hanging with a friend. Even though half the time I probably be going by myself.

I know what you PX90 and Insanity work outers are thinking....WEAK, right. Well thats ok. I'm not trying to get back muscle or a six pack. You wont find me drinking protien shakes anytime soon.

Already 4 days into the membership and I have came to realize that this was a great decision. Minus the kick ass workout the trainer gave us on Tuesday. It made me realize that being in company of someone that is drama free... is relaxing and easy, having an hour to myself really does help me with the rest of the day, at the end of the workout I'm excited to see my kids, and all while I burn some calories!

I'm really hoping that in the next couple of weeks I'm able to blog about how much I feel better. Maybe even how I am not as stressed as usual (I'm being hopeful). Just don't expect me to have abs of steel!