Tuesday, January 17, 2012


....yep, that's Pierce's new saying. Did really care, didn't seem like a bad thing to say. There could be worse things, but today at QT in the mist of all the cuteness she dropped the NUTS bomb.

Silly and sweet as she is holding a sucker a little old lady was telling her adorable she is (duh, right?). She was twirling and singing songs. The lady was quite surprised that she even knew that words to three little pigs. That's when it happened. She dropped her sucker in all the excitement and she yelled out "ahhh, nuts"!  The ladies face turned speechless and she looked at me and said " how dare a cute little face have such a filthy mouth" (I'm sure that's what my own mom says about me!!!). As, I ignored the lady and proceeded to pay for Pierce's sucker, she grabbed my arm and asked me if I heard what my child said. " Politely I replied with a "yes,mam I did" and walked away.

So really, do you think the "ahhh, nuts" is bad?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The words of a Buddhist Physician

Somehow on my travels from Pintrest to Facebook I came across a blog written by a Buddist Physician. The post title was "What makes a true Friend". A title that caught my eye, since this past month has been filled with gaining awesome friends  & loosing toxic ones too.

This past couple of months I have been struggling with long nights. Sleepless, anxiety driven long nights. I get up in the morning and go on with my day as usual cause nothing at this point is in my power. All 6 of us are fine....we all have our health and each other and that's what matters most.

This eye catching article had me understand who in my life is a "true" friend. It hit me like a semi! Tears started to fill my sockets and there it was, the answer to my question that I always felt like needed an answer. The writer called these friends "kenzuko" meaning family. He explains that these people share common values and interest. These are the people to which you share your thoughts, feelings, and all the stuff in between. The people that are there to listen when you have to vent. People that you go to when you have something to say and they tell you not what you want to hear but they say" I'm here for you".

See through these sleepless nights I have found out who is a true friend or Kenzuko. These are the people that know exactly what I am going through and support me through it all. The writer said a kenzuko is like finding your way home. I'd have to agree.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A fellow Pinner  told me to type in "giving" to the search engine on Pintrest.

The very first thing that pops up is this small but powerful quote. Couldn't be more appropriate for today. I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of my friends and their friends. In less than 24 hours we have had a great response to an event that I thought...maybe....1/4 of my friends would want to participate in. Boy.... did my friends prove me wrong!  I know this is going to do so much for military families, but the gift that it gives me is priceless. I didn't think that I would have this much emotion running through me, its a really nice feeling. Thank you again!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Every year I revisit a post that I did on the blog. These are some of the postings that I have had and they still ring true to this day.

Okay....so If you don't have facebook then you don't get my daily thoughts on everyday stuff. Some controversial some just plain randoms. I mostly watch/listen to talk shows and then have something to say about it. I get a lot of comments on my thoughts....some people agree...most don't! I try to explain to people that they dont have to agree with me. It's simply my opinion. I received an email from a friend asking to write a blog blurb on my facebook about my random thoughts.

1. I'm not just a mom. I actually wish that I could go back to work. I've done both...and Stay at home mom is the hardest job.

2. I HATE backpack leashes. I don't care, I think they look ridiculous.

3. Sonic has the best ice...don't try to convince me otherwise.....ok, just kidding LOVE me some QT ice!
4. No I didn't vote for Obama...please, that doesn't make me racist.

5. I believe in GOD. I don't understand the power of prayer....I mean the God that I love doesn't care that 10 people pray vs. one million.....I just don't get it!

6. Hello...this isn't Leave it to Beaver.....guys can do dishes and woman can mow the lawn.

7. The secret is out...my kids watch more than 2 hours of TV a day! Get over it....so far they are turning out ok.

8. Even if I do decide to have another kid, stop trying to convince me to have a water birth,a Douala, or even an at home birth. I am very comfortable with a hospital

9. I hate the phrase..."Grass always looks greener on the other side" I mean stop bitching....throw some seed on it...it works....my dad does it every year!!!!

10. I really don't like Halloween. I only celebrate it cause I have small kids and it happens to be my dads birthday. I only dressed up two years as an adult...one right after I turned 21 and the next I was prego with Tylerr...couldn't resist being a pregnant nun! (I finally said yes, to a Halloween party in 2011...and had a blast)!

11. I actually don't like play dates, but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone.

12.  No, not all babies are cute...sorry!

13.Don't really care if you think its mean of me to call my kids by the order they were born. Better than going through 4 names to get the right one!

14. I don't think its cute that people dress up their dogs...maybe a bandanna or a hat, but sweaters and pants...what the....

15.I am pro choice, i wish preschool prices would just stay the same and if it means protecting my family...I would own a hand gun.

The things she teaches me

I've always said that the day I found out that I was pregnant with Tylerr was the day I grew up. I was 23 when I found out I was pregnant, not married and scared shittless to tell my parents. Yes, 23...not 16.

a very short 4 months later I was married and soon going to deliver a baby. The most beautiful baby that I had ever seen, ok...not really. She looked like a hairy Indian baby!  I'm sure most people that knew me thought that I'd be a mess of a mom. I mean I'm not perfect, but I never really liked kids or even babies. So even if they did think that, I was putting money on it too.

This amazingly innocent, smart child teaches me things about my self daily.

Its ok to cry.

Its ok to fail, as long as you learn.

Saying your sorry is the best medicine for friendships and family even if they refuse to hear it.

Its ok to be aggressive.

Be yourself, people don't like fake. 

Jesus loves us.

Hugs heal.

Mistakes happen.

Honest is the best policy.

Today Tylerr told me a story about how she gave a girl a hug at  school because she fell. I told her that she was being a good friend and that it was the right thing to do. I asked her "where did you get so smart", her answer was...."you taught me".

I'm hoping that I can prove some of those people wrong that doubted me 7 years ago. Today I proved myself wrong. Thank you Tylerr.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I don't think I'm in love with the word RESOLUTIONS. Its to permanent. Makes me feel like what ever resolution I made for the year, that I failed somehow if it never worked. I mean I still don't have fake boobs.....that's 5 years of resolutions that I feel disappointed about.

2011 taught me alot about myself in the social arena. If you are reading this and spent any time with me you will nod the whole way through. I'm a social butterfly that tends to make a statement with what I say, but also has bad timing. I make friends easily but very cautious when I do. I have an overwhelming opinion that most like to hear. What I learned is, most of the people I met in 2011 like all these things about me till it doesn't fit or makes THEM uncmfortable. If you once laughed at a joke, you cant look back in a week and down me for saying something. If you laughed....you are just as guilty! You know you cant have a half ass friend in me. You cant ask me not social in a social time, you cant ask for an opinion but not like what I say, and please dont be my friend only when its convenient.

2011 taught me how to be a better mom. I see some kids that spend only 4 hours in the evening with thier parents. Kids that dont have the chance to go and play with friends. Disrepectful kids that dont listen or call thier parents names. I'm lucky enough and will now not take for granted that I get to spend all day or after school with my kids. I'm more open for playdates and take onmore of my kids activities. I see my kids around other adults and I'm very proud of how they handle themselves and treat others.

2011 taught me that even though I needed to change a little for myself, that is just it....its for me!

in 2012 we are going to see changes, not resolutions. Although boobies would be nice!  Change in how I handle people that want to call me a "freind" but only when its convient. Change how much time I spend with my kids. Change the time I spend with people that I want to call friends. What I'm not going to do is change your thought about me. This is who I am!

So before this starts sounding to much like Obama's re-election campain. Let me leave you with this amazing picture I found on Pintrest.

Happy 2012!!!