Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I don't think I'm in love with the word RESOLUTIONS. Its to permanent. Makes me feel like what ever resolution I made for the year, that I failed somehow if it never worked. I mean I still don't have fake boobs.....that's 5 years of resolutions that I feel disappointed about.

2011 taught me alot about myself in the social arena. If you are reading this and spent any time with me you will nod the whole way through. I'm a social butterfly that tends to make a statement with what I say, but also has bad timing. I make friends easily but very cautious when I do. I have an overwhelming opinion that most like to hear. What I learned is, most of the people I met in 2011 like all these things about me till it doesn't fit or makes THEM uncmfortable. If you once laughed at a joke, you cant look back in a week and down me for saying something. If you are just as guilty! You know you cant have a half ass friend in me. You cant ask me not social in a social time, you cant ask for an opinion but not like what I say, and please dont be my friend only when its convenient.

2011 taught me how to be a better mom. I see some kids that spend only 4 hours in the evening with thier parents. Kids that dont have the chance to go and play with friends. Disrepectful kids that dont listen or call thier parents names. I'm lucky enough and will now not take for granted that I get to spend all day or after school with my kids. I'm more open for playdates and take onmore of my kids activities. I see my kids around other adults and I'm very proud of how they handle themselves and treat others.

2011 taught me that even though I needed to change a little for myself, that is just it....its for me!

in 2012 we are going to see changes, not resolutions. Although boobies would be nice!  Change in how I handle people that want to call me a "freind" but only when its convient. Change how much time I spend with my kids. Change the time I spend with people that I want to call friends. What I'm not going to do is change your thought about me. This is who I am!

So before this starts sounding to much like Obama's re-election campain. Let me leave you with this amazing picture I found on Pintrest.

Happy 2012!!!

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