Sunday, January 15, 2012

The words of a Buddhist Physician

Somehow on my travels from Pintrest to Facebook I came across a blog written by a Buddist Physician. The post title was "What makes a true Friend". A title that caught my eye, since this past month has been filled with gaining awesome friends  & loosing toxic ones too.

This past couple of months I have been struggling with long nights. Sleepless, anxiety driven long nights. I get up in the morning and go on with my day as usual cause nothing at this point is in my power. All 6 of us are fine....we all have our health and each other and that's what matters most.

This eye catching article had me understand who in my life is a "true" friend. It hit me like a semi! Tears started to fill my sockets and there it was, the answer to my question that I always felt like needed an answer. The writer called these friends "kenzuko" meaning family. He explains that these people share common values and interest. These are the people to which you share your thoughts, feelings, and all the stuff in between. The people that are there to listen when you have to vent. People that you go to when you have something to say and they tell you not what you want to hear but they say" I'm here for you".

See through these sleepless nights I have found out who is a true friend or Kenzuko. These are the people that know exactly what I am going through and support me through it all. The writer said a kenzuko is like finding your way home. I'd have to agree.


  1. Gav brought home a book from school, I think it was called The ____ Monk..I wish I could remember...But it is a buddhist book, and I must have needed it at the time. It helped me kick off my "year of change"...How interesting..

  2. Year of change for you too...huh? Seems like those Buddhist are right on.