Monday, November 21, 2011

5 Signs you are headed for a break up

I recently read an article in SELF magazine titled "5 Signs you are are headed for a break up". I even thought as I read this article...."what the hell and I doing reading this shit"? It was pathetic....I feel sorry for the girl that read this article and thinks that she has now seen the light, and now...this very minute in time, realizes that her relationship is headed down the shitter.

Let me break it down for you.

1. You don't have anything to talk about...explanation: the man that you love is thinking about the big boobed tiny wasted bitch that he just met, hence he cant do two things at once.

2. He doesn't care about the people that are important to you....explanation: If he is this big of a douche bag he never cared, its just easier for him to show it now.

3. He is suddenly a = crazy new girl sex

4. You only seem to hang out in groups....explanation.....he introduces you to his friends new girlfriend, whom he happens to sneak in the bathroom at random times through the night together.

5. He doesn't support you...explanation.....He just bought big boobies, more big boobies!....and he could care les if you are crying again for the 4th time this week.

Seriously....if this is, don't walk. You deserve way better!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It cant be...another celebrity couple is divorcing??! First of all, I'd divorce both of them for wearing those stupid fucking glasses!

That person (Part2)

I have recently celebrated my 31st birthday. I think I always knew that turning 30 would do something dramatic to me. I thought something about my looks (secretly hoping for some boobs!). But instead I found out more about people in my life. Mostly my so called friends.

I realized that I was that girl that cant stand people. I mean I always knew that people irritated the shit out of me, but REALLY cant stand them. I believe I got this from my dad. The Cant stand-stop the bullshit-annoying- people that you meet. I learned to peel these leaches off my "friends list" and move on with life.

Most will find this mean and insensitive. I personally think that I am no willing to let crappy people be involved in my life.

Something that I have never understood....the people with 564 friends on their list...really? you talk/care about that many people?