Thursday, November 17, 2011

That person (Part2)

I have recently celebrated my 31st birthday. I think I always knew that turning 30 would do something dramatic to me. I thought something about my looks (secretly hoping for some boobs!). But instead I found out more about people in my life. Mostly my so called friends.

I realized that I was that girl that cant stand people. I mean I always knew that people irritated the shit out of me, but REALLY cant stand them. I believe I got this from my dad. The Cant stand-stop the bullshit-annoying- people that you meet. I learned to peel these leaches off my "friends list" and move on with life.

Most will find this mean and insensitive. I personally think that I am no willing to let crappy people be involved in my life.

Something that I have never understood....the people with 564 friends on their list...really? you talk/care about that many people?

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