Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looking back

Looking back at the late 2011 post on facebook today, I realized that I was in a funky place. Normally I wouldn't venture to old post to just see what I wrote, but it was brought to my attention from a good friend. She told me that even though I am the same person, my actions and words were so very different now then that place I was in months ago.

I made a promise to myself that I wanted to handle situations different this year. Change was coming to 2012 and I think I have already accomplished that goal in a short 4 months. All around I am a happier person. I have put all I have into Little Helpers and enjoy doing it. I have surrounded myself with encouraging, supportive and fun friends.My kids keep me on my toes and I wouldnt want it any other way.

I am truly a lucky girl. I have a supportive husband, 4 beautiful kids, amazingly helpful and loving parents, and friends that surprise me everyday with their love and helpfulness.

Here's to the next 8 months......

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My birthing plan.....

Originally wrote in 2010......Mommy war #1.....Birthing plan or not???

Last week I was sitting peacefully by myself,watching my children play at the splash pad. When along comes a lady with a little boy. She sits right next to me, I mean uncomfortably close. I am already bothered with this lady....seriously there were tons of spots to sit and I get her in my lap!!

I could tell this lady was pregnant like she obviously knew that I was. This is where it all began.
This was our conversation....
lets call her Marsha.....

Marsha: "How far along are you?"
Me: 7 months (to be nice, I asked) And you?
Marsha: 5, with another little boy. Do you know what you are having?
Me: This will be my fourth girl.
Marsha: Ohhh, your husband must be so disappointed?

(first off...screw you Marsha)

Me: He doesn't mind.
Marsha: do you have your birth plan written out yet?
Me: Excuse me?
Marsha: You don't have a birth plan?
Me: yes, I plan on having a baby!!!
Marsha: ohhh...you should have one. Me and my husband decided to have no medication, When I get to the hospital I want to sit on a birthing ball to help calm me. We are going to have Josh Groban playing in the background, no one but me and my husband,well including the doctors,will be in the room with us.
You should really have a plan.

Good thing (well not really) that Pierce got knocked over by an older kid. I ran up to pick her up and packed up the girls to go home.

ahhh Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.....

First off: My husband doesn't get a choice in whether or not I receive medication or not. Lets be honest,I'm part Mexican.....If I had no medication I'd be sounding like the other ladies down the hall...you know the ones without insurance and have the whole family in the waiting room munching on tacos and burritos! Those ladies are screamers, screaming things that I don't even know what they are saying. But it must be funny if my dad is laughing.

Second: Isn't rolling on balls how I got into this mess......

Third: There will be no music in my room. Is this supposed to calm you, cause if so then crank the Eminem or Dr.Dre. That would get me pushing!

Fourth: There is nothing more awesome in the world then to have a child, but to be able to watch someone watch you have a baby....its pretty cool too. I would love to be able to experience someone close to me have a baby....so I love returning the favor.

So....maybe that's my plan!