Wednesday, May 25, 2011

for the love of.......

Out of all the days of the school year pajama day seem to outshine them all. My girls LOVE to wear their jammies to school and show their friends their princess footed or smiley face dress. Nothing is as cute as walking your kid to their class and seeing all the 5 and 6 year olds showing each other their chosen outfit.

That being said......this does not apply to anyone over 20, especially 30 and above!

In the last couple of weeks I have seen the parents of elementary school kids get L to the AZY. Let me tell you.

1. if you are over 25....please only wear PINK, JUICY, or HOT on your ass in your own home. Cause the majority of woman that wear these are hideous. Most of the time you can only see IN, UIC, and a big O......

2. Lounge pants and shorts are might have just been painting, cleaning or pulling weeds...but if camel toe is also included, please with all due respect....GET RID of THE PANTS!!!!

3. Nightie or those lacy/satin tops.....are not to be warn as regular t-shirts. let me repeat, they are NOT to be worn as regular t-shirts. If you think it looks ok...still don't do it. WE all know you are wearing a nightie top!!!!

I am super busy during the day too, but I do take a sec to throw something on that I didn't buy at a lingerie store.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not my best day

As I sit here and type I think of all things I should be doing. Cleaning the toys up in the family room, mopping the floors, getting something to eat but instead I choose blogging cause that's the only way I will feel better.

I HATE today! My head is pounding and I feel completely defeated. I know I should be thankful for being alive and blessed for having 4 beautiful daughters....blah blah....I am thankful for those things but some days really do just SUCK, period, just suck!

The first week of Greg being gone is always the hardest. Tylerr will break down in tears when I mention his name and Kennedy acts out, even more that she usually does. Pierce doesn't even have a clue, thank God!

Linkin is on an antibiotic that makes her diarrhea everywhere multiple times a day. I don't just mean on her onsie and a quick change. Full on shit everywhere...back, legs, butt, head if it gets that far. So much that I have started to throw away anything that she is wearing at the time. Just the past two days alone I have had to turn the car around and go back home just to clean her off. I even have to leave a store without getting what I came for. Ohhh did I mention the medication makes her hyper and she wont sleep for hours after taking it!!!!

I know every mother/father goes through this. I'm not the only one and definitely not trying to have a pity party for myself. Just really wish I could lay my head down and fast forward to tomorrow. I can only hope that my kids act appropriately at Tylerr's Kindergarten graduation tomorrow. It will be better tomorrow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr. Phil- Inside The mind of a mistress

Wow....I have only watched the first of three episodes and I cant stop thinking about these whores...I mean ladies!

The excuses they give and the details  on how the "prove" their rights to doing this to another person is humiliating.

1. One lady said that "if there is chemistry there is chemistry". You cant help yourself if the chemicals roam!
2. One scank...again, I mean woman says that she gets paid $3000 a month to keep up her lifestyle.
3. The same lady that got $3000 in lifestyle up keep says that she gets the Good sexy part of the man , while the wife gets the grumpy lazy part.
4. Another one says that she does it cause she is building herself up from being in a long abusive relationship.
5. The  last lady says that everyone is always mad at the mistress.

Well let me break this down to my own feeling and if this was happening to me.

1. Talk about Chemistry .....if I knew that Greg's  "Chemicals" were roaming for another lady.....HAZ MAT would be all over his a heartbeat. .....and I have connections!

2. $3000 to upkeep your lifestyle =HOOKER!

3. Perfect...I get the sexy and grumpy part!

4. Hey, I can build you up sista....and I'll take you down just as fast!

5. The mistress you def. get her ass kicked. But my husband will have to pay a crap load in Child support!  I'm sure you'll want him even more then!

These girls must have got paid bank to go on the Dr. Phil show (or just stupid) to talk about this all over America.