Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not my best day

As I sit here and type I think of all things I should be doing. Cleaning the toys up in the family room, mopping the floors, getting something to eat but instead I choose blogging cause that's the only way I will feel better.

I HATE today! My head is pounding and I feel completely defeated. I know I should be thankful for being alive and blessed for having 4 beautiful daughters....blah blah....I am thankful for those things but some days really do just SUCK, period, just suck!

The first week of Greg being gone is always the hardest. Tylerr will break down in tears when I mention his name and Kennedy acts out, even more that she usually does. Pierce doesn't even have a clue, thank God!

Linkin is on an antibiotic that makes her diarrhea everywhere multiple times a day. I don't just mean on her onsie and a quick change. Full on shit everywhere...back, legs, butt, head if it gets that far. So much that I have started to throw away anything that she is wearing at the time. Just the past two days alone I have had to turn the car around and go back home just to clean her off. I even have to leave a store without getting what I came for. Ohhh did I mention the medication makes her hyper and she wont sleep for hours after taking it!!!!

I know every mother/father goes through this. I'm not the only one and definitely not trying to have a pity party for myself. Just really wish I could lay my head down and fast forward to tomorrow. I can only hope that my kids act appropriately at Tylerr's Kindergarten graduation tomorrow. It will be better tomorrow.

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