Friday, May 6, 2011

Dr. Phil- Inside The mind of a mistress

Wow....I have only watched the first of three episodes and I cant stop thinking about these whores...I mean ladies!

The excuses they give and the details  on how the "prove" their rights to doing this to another person is humiliating.

1. One lady said that "if there is chemistry there is chemistry". You cant help yourself if the chemicals roam!
2. One scank...again, I mean woman says that she gets paid $3000 a month to keep up her lifestyle.
3. The same lady that got $3000 in lifestyle up keep says that she gets the Good sexy part of the man , while the wife gets the grumpy lazy part.
4. Another one says that she does it cause she is building herself up from being in a long abusive relationship.
5. The  last lady says that everyone is always mad at the mistress.

Well let me break this down to my own feeling and if this was happening to me.

1. Talk about Chemistry .....if I knew that Greg's  "Chemicals" were roaming for another lady.....HAZ MAT would be all over his a heartbeat. .....and I have connections!

2. $3000 to upkeep your lifestyle =HOOKER!

3. Perfect...I get the sexy and grumpy part!

4. Hey, I can build you up sista....and I'll take you down just as fast!

5. The mistress you def. get her ass kicked. But my husband will have to pay a crap load in Child support!  I'm sure you'll want him even more then!

These girls must have got paid bank to go on the Dr. Phil show (or just stupid) to talk about this all over America.

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