Tuesday, January 17, 2012


....yep, that's Pierce's new saying. Did really care, didn't seem like a bad thing to say. There could be worse things, but today at QT in the mist of all the cuteness she dropped the NUTS bomb.

Silly and sweet as she is holding a sucker a little old lady was telling her adorable she is (duh, right?). She was twirling and singing songs. The lady was quite surprised that she even knew that words to three little pigs. That's when it happened. She dropped her sucker in all the excitement and she yelled out "ahhh, nuts"!  The ladies face turned speechless and she looked at me and said " how dare a cute little face have such a filthy mouth" (I'm sure that's what my own mom says about me!!!). As, I ignored the lady and proceeded to pay for Pierce's sucker, she grabbed my arm and asked me if I heard what my child said. " Politely I replied with a "yes,mam I did" and walked away.

So really, do you think the "ahhh, nuts" is bad?

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  1. That's nothing! Bryson use to say "oh shit" all the time. The best is when he said the F word in preschool and told the teacher, "it's okay, my dad says it all the time". I usually picked him after work but Ben happened to get him that day and had some explaining to do. Plus, I don't think what she says is bad. Maybe that old lady needs to be brought into the new day and age.