Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One proud Parent

A couple of months ago a friend and I were talking about facebook. She told me that I quite often compliment my kids and their behavior or achievements in school and in outside school activities. I have since then learned that it bugs people to hear of these postings, as if I'm trying to "one up" or brag about my kids in a hasty way. In a sense I understood but then just last night, I read of a person "bragging" about getting a raise and it all came clearer to me.

This is my JOB. These four beautiful daughters are my biggest blessing and achievement in life. I have messed up so much that they are what I give my all to. I'm actually not to bad at it either. I have learned to tell myself that I'm doing the best I can and I SHOULD be happy and BRAG about their achievements in school or other activities.

You wont ever see me write that I got a raise, hit a quota or landed a deal at my work. But my accomplishments will come in the form of my kids.

So from here on out I'm not going to tip toe around the fact that Tylerr is "gifted" (the words the school ELP and Psychologist used at her school) or the fact that Kennedy struggles so much that we have tears every night, so when she gets a good grades I celebrate it like its her birthday!

So for the people out there that think that I am "bragging" I am. I am happy for my kids and their achievements. This doesn't mean that I also wont be right along side you cheering your own child on with their own achievements. That's what we do as mom's/ parents we lift each other and our kids up. We don't tear each other down for boasting in our children's success.

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