Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soccer Mom

I don't think that I have to tell ANYONE that I am "that"mom who is the yeller at her kids sporting events. I am very loud and proud mom (my mom even bought me a shirt that states just that!) Yes, other people stare at me and NO ...I don't give an ounce of shit when they do.
These are just a few reasons why I wonder why parents put their kids in sports......

1. I want my kids to learn to play well with others.....DO these parents know that Soccer is a contact sport. How about putting them in ballet?

2. I want my kids to meet other kids......I can think of a crap load of play dates that wont cost you 85 bucks for the next two months!

3. I played soccer....and obviously you didn't make it that far...stop living thru your child.

It irritates me that parents want their kids to be in a sport and make it a point to tell the coach that "we are only here to have fun"....well Tylerr is here to have fun and kick your kids ass,and I will be yelling all the way to the goal!

ohhh side juice and a banana is not considered a fun snack after a game. Whatever happened to goldfish and a capri sun!!!?

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  1. I am that mom too except my passion is baseball. I hate when the parents/grandparents sit there and scream pay attention, keep your eye on the ball, do this or do that. I want to scream at them to shut the hell up they are distracting their kids.

    One genius we lovingly call "grouchy Grandpa" because he looks like he stepped in dog poo anytime you see him pays for his grandsons baseball ventures. Whether its through little league, high school baseball, or travel ball. This kid is no babe ruth by any means and is an ok player when grouch isnt around but the second he shows up the kid can barely walk and chew gum without looking like a scared little rabbit. Its so sad.

    Another thing that really irks the heck out of me is those parents who NEVER show up. I could understand if your work schedule prevents that but we have games on nights, weekends, and weekend days. Last week I gave 2 boys a ride home I casually asked where their parents were. The sophomore said his parents don't go to his out of town games cause they don't like baseball. This to me was dumb because its not really out of town. Its 20 minutes up a hill. The Senior boy said his parents NEVER go to his game. yes NEVER. I was shocked. I asked do they not like baseball he said no they just never have gone to my games. I wanted to ask why? how? but could tell the kid was uncomfortable with it so I dropped it. I told him that it was ok I was loud enough that I cheer for all our team. He said thanks "mom" lol. I just hope he doesn't show up for dinner cause I don't need another teenage boy eating the door handles off the fridge