Sunday, March 4, 2012

Power of prayer part 1

This blog entry was on my personal blog almost 12 months ago........Start of a new series.

I have been questioning Power of Prayer lately. I have never understood why others ask each other to pray for them. I understand prayer and I often in my alone time (which isn't much) pray or talk to GOD.

I feel like this is something that I have been searching for while now. Just recently have I thought that if this is a true thing,if it will help me cope with my sadness or maybe lift my spirits in a way that nothing else could,that just maybe this was the time I needed it the most.

Last night Linkin had a hard time falling asleep. I decided to rock her.. She was the most precious baby that I had seen since Pierce was that age! As I rocked her I started to tear up,hoping that everything was ok with her. Tears kept falling as I hoped that Thursday wasn't to traumatic for her and that I could stay sane the whole time. At the moment I started to pray,and pray hard. I ask God to protect her, if test results are bad or not, just to please make things easy for her. Wishing that she has no pain. I asked that when her doctor calls, that she gives good news and that I can finally breath better. Linkin fell asleep even with my alligator tears laying all over her.

That very night I had a dream.

I woke up this morning with the biggest smile and huge sigh of relief.

Nana (my mom's mom) was in my dream. In my dream I heard Linkin crying,I got up went to the bathroom and heard a beautiful singing voice. Not just any voice, I had heard this voice before signing hymns at Sunday church. I looked everywhere trying to find her.She was singing the song she made up for me and my baby Hilda. This time instead of using Hilda's name she was singing to Linkin. I finally found her outside on a big wooden swing holding Linkin in her arms. She tells me to sit down,looks at me and tells me that Linkin is going to be ok.

I'm breathing a little better today. Was this God speaking to me? Or a beautiful angel looking out for me?

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