Tuesday, March 20, 2012

kind words

This isn't always easy for me. If you know me well enough you know that most of my negativity is mostly out of comic relief. Today I had some really awesome conversations with friends about life. In these conversations they pointed out in some way that their first impression of me was a bold one and not really quite sure how I fit into their life. A little to aggressive and judgy. I'm that "you either like me or not" person.   The conversation continued on to say that after they actually got to know me I wasn't so bad and actually was a fun person to be around and they were glad to have a friend in me.

This blog post isnt to talk about me....but it just made me realize not to judge right off. I will be the first to admit I place judgment from the get-go.......I think I will stand back, take it in and get to know people first. I for one know that if someone didnt give me a chance I'd be missing out on some great friends.

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