Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Childbirth Vs. Wisdom teeth extraction

1. In my case pregnancy last only 38 weeks, the pain of my wisdom teeth only lasted 38 hours!
2. Rather my ass hurt than my mouth, no doubt.
3. At least with pregnancy you can chew on ice.....my most favorite things to do.
4. Both surgery's/procedures require you to open a wide as possible!
5. After giving birth at least you can eat what you want...huge upside.
6. Love the outpatient part of the oral Surgeon.
7. Epidural didn't work, anesthesia did!
8. Both make you bleed...what the hell!
9.At least having a baby the pain is worth the wait,at least you have something to show for.
10. I actually love childbirth hate being pregnant. But, if you asked me I would get my wisdom teeth out again!

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