Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Okay....so If you don't have facebook then you don't get my daily thoughts on everyday stuff. Some controversial some just plain randoms. I mostly watch/listen to talk shows and then have something to say about it. I get a lot of comments on my thoughts....some people agree...most don't! I try to explain to people that they dint have to agree with me. It's simply my opinion. I received an email from a friend asking to write a blog blurb on my facebook about my random thoughts.

1. I'm not just a mom. I actually wish that I could go back to work. I've done both...and Stay at home mom is the hardest job.
2. I HATE backpack leashes. I don't care, I think they look ridiculous.
3. Sonic has the best ice...don't try to convince me otherwise.....ok, just kidding LOVE me some QT ice!
4. No I didn't vote for Obama...please, that doesn't make me racist.
5. I believe in GOD. I don't understand the power of prayer....I mean the God that I love doesn't care that 10 people pray vs. one million.....I just don't get it!
6. Hello...this isn't Leave it to Beaver.....guys can do dishes and woman can mow the lawn.
7. The secret is out...my kids watch more than 2 hours of TV a day! Get over it....so far they are turning out ok.
8. Even if I do decide to have another kid, stop trying to convince me to have a water birth,a Douala, or even an at home birth. I am very comfortable with a hospital
9. I hate the phrase..."Grass always looks greener on the other side" I mean stop bitching....throw some seed on it...it works....my dad does it every year!!!!
10. I really don't like Halloween. I only celebrate it cause I have small kids and it happens to be my dads birthday. I only dressed up two years as an adult...one right after I turned 21 and the next I was prego with Tylerr...couldn't resist being a pregnant nun!
11. I actually don't like play dates, but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone.
12. Yes, I do think my kids are cuter than yours. and No, not all babies are cute...sorry!

13.Don't really care if you think its mean of me to call my kids by the order they were born. Better than going through 4 names to get the right one!

14. I don't think its cute that people dress up their dogs...maybe a bandanna or a hat, but sweaters and pants...what the....

15.I am pro choice, i wish preschool prices would just stay the same and if it means protecting my family...I would own a hand gun.

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  1. Were those your actual facebook quotes? Hilarious!! And I only disagree with two of them. :-) I even dressed as a pregnant nun one year... crazy!!