Saturday, January 15, 2011

I must be getting old!

Went out last night for what has become a monthly adult dinner and drinks. This time we added dancing and bull riding to the menu at Cadillac Ranch. I love this place, its like a good restaurant/bar/club all in one place. I have come to realize in the 5 hour party with friends that I really must be getting old.

1. 30 years old wasn't even the average age, I say 23 was.
2. looking around at the woman....i mean girls in this place,I started to wonder if I ever dressed like a hood rat too?
3. I was probably the only woman with 4 kids from one baby daddy.
4. Riding a bull is not made for ladies with muffin tops. There really should be a sign at the entrance for that!
5. Doesn't matter how much I LOVE to dance,my body did not agree with me the morning after!
6. Thinking being a lesbian has become popular????
7. Speaking of signs , there should be one that also states "Man bags are not going to get you laid"...just saying!
8. Since when does a bar not stock Regular Malibu Rum?
9. Going out with all of these single people around, makes me grateful for having a husband and not having to play the games anymore.
10.I truly realized what great friends that I have, we always have fun together. Plus what wonderful parents I have for watching all 4 rug rats while we can get away!

If being thirty is old......I think I like being old!

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